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Table 3 Categorisation of individual outcomes from 126 trials (960 outcomes)

From: Sponsorship bias and quality of randomised controlled trials in veterinary medicine

  Outcomes from trials with pharmaceutical funding/involvement Outcomes from trials with non-pharmaceutical funding stated Outcomes from trials with no funding source stated Outcomes from all trials
Positive outcomes 56.9% (339/596)a 34.9% (66/189)b 29.1% (51/175)b 47.5% (456/960)
Negative outcomes 23.5% (140/596)a 37.6% (71/189)b 37.1% (65/175)b 28.8% (276/960)
No difference 0.8% (5/596)a 2.6% (5/189)a,b 4.6% (8/175)b 1.9% (18/960)
Described only 12.8% (76/596) 16.9% (32/189) 18.9% (33/175) 14.7% (141/960)
Not reported 6.0% (36/596)s 7.9% (15/189) 10.3% (18/175) 7.2% (69/960)
  1. Data shown as percentages and raw numbers in brackets. Significant differences (p < 0.05) existing between funding categories within rows are indicated by differing subscript letters. (No subscript letters in a row signifiy no significant differences. The presence of a subscript letter (e.g. ‘a’ in a cell indicates that it is significantly different from a cell marked with a different letter (e.g. ‘b’). If a cell has two subscript letters (e.g. ‘a,b’) then it is different from cells individually marked with each letter)