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Table 1 Two levels of inclusion and exclusion criteria applied to the search results

From: Sponsorship bias and quality of randomised controlled trials in veterinary medicine

Level 1: Inclusion criteria for publications Level 1: Exclusion criteria for publications
Species of interest is cats, dogs, horses, cattle or sheep Not about cats, dogs, horses, cattle or sheep
Published in 2011 E published only in 2011 if full publication occurred in a different calendar year
RCT according to PubMed publication types and the Cochrane definition Not an RCT (not indexed as an RCT by PubMed or not fulfilling Cochrane definition of an RCT)
Treatment of interest is a pharmaceutical intervention (including anthelmintics and vaccines) Treatment of interest is not a pharmaceutical agent e.g. nutritional, surgical, animal husbandry etc
Level 2: Inclusion criteria for analysis of pharmaceutical RCTs Level 2: Exclusion criteria for analysis of pharmaceutical RCTs
Primary aim is to assess efficacy Primary aim was not to assess efficacy (pharmacokinetic/dynamic studies, safety studies, physiological effects, resistance testing, testing routes of administration only, testing timing of administration only)
Identifiable treatment or protocol of interest Treatment or protocol of interest could not be identified
Single dose of the treatment of interest used Multiple doses of the treatment of interest used/dose finding studies
Published in English Not available in English