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Table 3 Tungiasis-associated clinical presentations among the ten severely affected pigs

From: High intensity of Tunga penetrans infection causing severe disease among pigs in Busoga, South Eastern Uganda

Clinical featurea Number affected/number of examined animals
Congestion 10/10
Edema 10/10
Ulcers and erosions 10/10
Fissures 10/10
Necrosis at affected sites 10/10
Abscessation/purulent lesions/scabs 6/10
Lameness 9/10
Hyperkeratosis 3/10
Deformations 8/10
 Lateral deviation of dew claws 6/10
 Overgrowth of hooves 5/10
Detaching/loose hooves 5/10
Loss of dew claws 1/10
  1. aOne or more affected topographic sites involved