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Table 3 Correlations of pulsed-wave Doppler variables of both hind limbs and between hind limbs in 17 healthy German Holstein cows using statistical model A, which considered farm and location

From: Evaluation of arterial digital blood flow using Doppler ultrasonography in healthy dairy cows

Vsyst Venddiast Vdiast Vmean PI RI BF
HR Vsyst 0.77 c 0.19b 0.44b 0.67 b 0.26b 0.25b 0.42b
Venddiast −0.45 a −0.29c 0.9 b 0.74 b −0.79 b −0.87 b 0.67 b
Vdiast −0.28a 0.75 a −0.26c 0.86 b −0.66 b −0.67 b 0.80 b
Vmean −0.27a 0.79 a 0.87 a −0.45c −0.52 b −0.43b 0.84 b
PI 0.72 a −0.69 a −0.76 a −0.79 a 0.09c 0.91 b −0.55 b
RI 0.64 a −0.86 a −0.61 a −0.73 a 0.82 a 0.27c −0.41b
BF −0.37a 0.60 a 0.82 a 0.89 a −0.87 a −0.59 a −0.26c
  1. Vsyst maximum systolic velocity, Vdiast maximum diastolic velocity, Venddiast end-diastolic velocity, Vmean maximum time-averaged mean velocity, PI log transformed persistence index, RI resistance index, BF log transformed blood flow rate, HR right hind limb, HL left hind limb
  2. bold text = different from zero (p < 0.05)
  3. acorrelations between pulsed-wave Doppler variables of the right hind limb
  4. bcorrelations between pulsed-wave Doppler variables of the left hind limb
  5. ccorrelations of the pulsed-wave Doppler variables between right and left hind limb