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Table 1 Detailed patient information reporting age (in years), breed, sex, diagnosis, treatment, complications and synovial fluid parameters

From: Course of serum amyloid A (SAA) plasma concentrations in horses undergoing surgery for injuries penetrating synovial structures, an observational clinical study

Group Patient Signalement Diagnosis Surgical treatment Repeated AL/standing lavage Complications Duration of injury Synovial parameters at admissiona Duration of treatment
1 2 Trotter, 6y, S Pastern laceration right hind, septic digital flexor tendon sheath Wound debridement; standing needle lavage digital flexor tendon sheath   None >24 h Positive pressure test; >80% neutrophils; 3200 TNC/μL;
TP 4 g/dL
4 days treatment was continued by referring veterinarian
1 5 Gidran, 13y, G Laceration left tarsus, septic tarsal sheath Wound debridement; AL tarsal sheath; GA   None 2 days >85% neutrophils; and positive pressure test 9 days
1 6 Cob, 13y, M Street nail injury right front, septic distal interphalangeal joint AL distal interphalangeal joint; GA   Euthanasia
d 30 of hospitalization after developing septic navicular bursitis right front
2 days >95% neutrophils; 200 TNC
/400xHPF; TP 7,2 g/dL
15 days for septic interphalangeal joint
1 8 Nonius, 9y, G Street nail injury left hind, septic navicular bursa BL navicluar bursa:; GA   none 5 days >95% neutrophils; positive pressure test 14 days
1 11 WB, 18y, G Puncture wound left hind fetlock, cellulitis Debridement and standing needle lavage metatarsophalangeal joint   Euthanasia after discharge due to laminitis right hind >2 days 80% neutrophils; 3200 TNC/μL;
TP 3 g/dL
16 days
1 12 Cob, 16y, M Laceration left tarsus septic tarsometatarsal joint needle lavage tarsometatarsal joint: GA   Euthanasia on d 27 of hospitalisation due to osteomyelitis left Mt. IV 4 days >95% neutrophils; positive pressure test 19 days for septic tarsometatarsal joint
1 13 Pony, 20y, G Laceration, bone sequester left humerus, septic bicipital bursa Needle lavage, sequestrectomy, standing   None >24 h Positive pressure test 28 days
1 14 Icelandic horse, 15y, M Laceration left elbow; septic elbow joint, open intraarticular olecranon fracture
Type II
AL elbow joint, fracture repair; GA   None >24 h Positive pressure test 26 days
1 15 WB, 24y, G Laceration SDFT and DDFT right hind, septic digital flexor tendon sheath TVL digital flexor tendon sheath; GA   Scar tissue formation SDFT 2 days Positive pressure test; >75% neutrophils; 21,910 TNC/μL; TP 4 g/dL 10 days
1 16 Icelandic horse, 2y, M Laceration right carpus septic carpal joints AL carpal joints; GA   None >36 h Positive pressure test; >80% neutrophils; 26,670 TNC/μL; TP 3,4 g/dL 12 days
1 18 Arab, 17y, M Laceration left tarsus, septic tarsocrural joint/open comminuted calcaneus fracture standing needle lavage tarsocrural joint;   Euthanasia on d 7 of hospitalisation due to pleural effusion, heart failure >36 h Positive pressure test; >96% neutrophils; 10,270 TNC/μL; TP 5 g/dL 6 days
1 20 WB, 12y, G Laceration right front fetlock septic digital flexor tendon sheath TVL digital flexor tendon sheath; GA   Adhesions formation SDFT and digital tendon sheath; 7 days Positive pressure test; >88% neutrophils; 310 TNC/400× HPF;
TP 3,5 g/dL
18 days
2 4 WB, 8y, G Laceration right stifle; septic femoropatellar joint Wound debridement; AL femoropatellar joint: GA Yes; AL; GA; 48 h after first surgery None 36 h Positive pressure test; >80% neutrophils; 8700 TNC/μL;
TP 4,6 g/dL
9 days
2 7 QH, 4y, G Laceration right carpus septic middle carpal joint; osteomyelitis carpal accessory bone AL middle carpal joint: GA 8 days after first surgery; curettage of carpal accessory bone, GA; no AL indicated Osteomyelitis accessory carpal bone >2 days positive pressure test; >80% neutrophils; 120 TNC/400× HPF;
TP 6,4 g/dL
28 days
2 17 Polo Pony, 16y, G Puncture wound left tarsus; septic tarsal sheath AL tarsal sheath; GA Yes; AL; GA 96 h after initial surgery   4 days >95% neutrophils; >100 TNC/400× HPF;
TP 7,2 g/dL
23 days
2 19 Trotter, 8y, M Laceration right carpus septic carpal joints AL carpal joints; GA Yes; 3 ALs GA 48 h, 96 h and 6 days after initial surgery   5 days >90% neutrophils; 36,600 TNC/μL; TP 6 g/dL 36 days
3 1 WB, 3y, M Laceration left tarsus, contaminated tarsocrural joint wound debridement; AL tarsocrural joint: GA   None 5 h >90% neutrophils; 35,880 TNC/μL; TP 5 g/dL 12 days
3 3 Criollo, 20y, M Street nail injury right hind; contaminated navicular bursa BL navicular bursa; GA   None 6 h Positive pressure test 20 days
3 9 WB, 9y, M Pastern laceration left hind, contaminated digital flexor tendon sheath TVL digital flexor tendon sheath; GA   None 4 h Positive pressure test; >95% neutrophils; 14,220 TNC/μL; TP 2,4 g/dL 10 days
  1. M mare, S stallion, G gelding, WB warmblood, QH quarter horse, Mt. IV fourth metatarsal bone, DDFT deep digital flexor tendon, SDFT superficial digital flexor tendon, GA general anaesthesia, DRLP distal regional limb perfusion, AL arthroscopic lavage, TVL tendovaginoscopic lavage, BL bursoscopic lavage, HPF high power field, TP total protein
  2. anot all parameters were available for each patient, dependent on the amount of synovial fluid/if synovial fluid was obtained