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Table 1 Characteristics of backyard poultry farming and the knowledge, attitude and biosecurity practices of poultry owners addressed by the questionnaire

From: Biosecurity survey in relation to the risk of HPAI outbreaks in backyard poultry holdings in Thimphu city area, Bhutan

Items Details
Respondents details Name, contact detail, place of living, geo-coordinates, gender, occupation, number of people in the household, and approximate monthly family income
Poultry & husbandry characteristics Number and category of poultry birds kept, breed, source of birds, purpose of keeping poultry by household, number of years of backyard poultry keeping by the household in the city
Biosecurity and management practices Poultry housing type, location of coop/shed, husbandry practices (intensive/free ranging), contact with wild birds, cleaning & disinfection of poultry house/coop, water bodies near house, foot dip at the entrance to the coop/shed, type of feeds given to the chicken, feeding and watering container, poultry death and disposal system, vaccination of chicken against diseases, notification of poultry death, poultry litter management
Bird flu knowledge and practices, and personnel hygiene Awareness of bird flu outbreak in the city, source of information, knowledge of bird flu transmission to humans, personnel hygiene (hand washing after handling of chicken and its products, and use of face mask and hand gloves while handling chicken)