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Table 2 Daily dry matter and nutrients supplied by the diets

From: Raw meat based diet influences faecal microbiome and end products of fermentation in healthy dogs

   RD/CD MDa
Daily diets (g, as fed)   380 520
Dry matter g 342 300
Metabolizable Energy kcal 1225 1269
Crude protein g 91.2 78.5
Crude fat g 36.1 54.6
Crude fiber g 9.5 2.2
Ash g 34.2 12.8
Carbohydrates (by difference) g 171 151
Ca g 3.4 2.2
P g 3.1 1.1
  1. athe daily mixed diet was composed by 200 g complement plus 320 g beef meat
  2. RD Reference Diet, extruded diet fed until the beginning of the experimental period (T0), CD The same RD diet used as Control Diet during the experiment, MD Experimental Mixed Diet