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Table 1 Clinical score (CS), lung lesion score (LLS) and histological evaluation of lung lesions in control and infected animals

From: Host-pathogen interplay at primary infection sites in pigs challenged with Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae

Group Clinical score Lung lesion score Histological evaluation
Control (n = 4) 0 (0–0.75) 0 (0–0.6) Moderate infiltrates of neutrophils and macrophages in interalveolar septa
Infected (n = 6) 4 (2.75–5.5)** 7.39 (3.1–16.56)** Fibrinopurulent, necrotizing, hemorrhagic pleuropneumonia
  1. **p ≤0.01; Wilcoxon rank sum test
  2. CS prior to death (8 hpi) and LLS at the time of the necropsy are expressed as median (interquartile range). Significant values are marked in bold