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Table 1 Outline of SETA

From: Monitoring training response in young Friesian dressage horses using two different standardised exercise tests (SETs)

Time (min) Exercise Description BLA sampling
00:00–03:00 Walk ±2 m/s [Lactate]start
03:00–05:00 Left trot left hand ±3.5 m/s  
05:00–07:00 Right trot right hand ±3.5 m/s  
07:00–09:00 Left canter left hand ±5 m/s [Lactate]canter1
09:00–11:00 Right canter right hand ±5 m/s [Lactate]canter2
11:00–21:00 Walk Recovery ±2 m/s [Lactate]end