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Table 2 Immunization and challenge strategy

From: Homologous prime-boost immunization with live attenuated Salmonella enterica serovar Senftenberg and its preventive efficacy against experimental challenge with various strains of S. Senftenberg

Group N Immunization Subgroups Animal No. Challenge strain
Primary Booster
A 25 PBS PBS AI 6 JOL1557
AII 6 JOL1815
AIII 6 JOL1816
AIV 6 JOL1817
B 25 JOL1587 PBS BI 6 JOL1557
BII 6 JOL1815
BIII 6 JOL1816
BIV 6 JOL1817
C 25 JOL1587 JOL1585 CI 6 JOL1557
CII 6 JOL1815
CIII 6 JOL1816
CIV 6 JOL1817