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Fig. 6

From: Appropriate threshold levels of cardiac beat-to-beat variation in semi-automatic analysis of equine ECG recordings

Fig. 6

Premature beats. a SVPC (arrowhead) without compensatory pause occurring at rest. Note the transient change in P-wave morphology (arrows). b Triple SVPC occurring at rest. Note the abnormal P-wave morphology (arrows). c and d SVPC (arrowhead) followed by a fully compensatory pause (*) occurring during walk and gallop, respectively. Note the presence of movement artifact on the baseline obscuring the P-wave, and the technical error in triggering the peak R-wave (arrow). e) VPC possibly a fusion beat (thick arrow) followed by a compensatory pause (*) and an SVPC (arrowhead) at rest. An abnormal and possibly unconducted P-wave (arrow) precedes the VPC. Note the varying P-wave morphology. The instantaneous heart rate is shown in red

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