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Table 4 Average Lameness score over 5 years of the study, in the Control and PTOA groups

From: Pro-inflammatory cytokines and structural biomarkers are effective to categorize osteoarthritis phenotype and progression in Standardbred racehorses over five years of racing career

  PTOA group (n = 25) Control group (n = 16)
T0 2.0 (2.0–3.0)a 0.0 (0.0–0.0)b
T1 0.0 (0.0–0.0)b 0.0 (0.0–0.0)b
T2 0.0 (0.0–0.0)b 0.0 (0.0–1.0)b
T3 0.0 (0.0–1.0)b 0.0 (0.0–0.0)b
T4 1.0 (1.0–2.0)a 0.0 (0.0–1.0)b
  1. Values are reported as median with the corresponding 25 % and 75 % percentile (parenthesis). Comparison intra- and inter-groups are shown. Superscript letters that are different show a significant difference (p-value <0.05) between groups for this outcome variable