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Table 2 Radiographic score adopted to assess fetlock joint OA in horses based on standard x-ray examinations

From: Pro-inflammatory cytokines and structural biomarkers are effective to categorize osteoarthritis phenotype and progression in Standardbred racehorses over five years of racing career

Radiographic parametersa Score
Joint space narrowing 0 to 3
Osteophytes number 0 to 3
Osteophytes size 0 to 3
Enthesiophytes number 0 to 3
Enthesiophytes size 0 to 3
Subchondral bone changes at the palmar/plantar aspect of the metacarpal/metatarsal condyles 0 to 3
Osteochondral fragmentations number 0 to 3
Osteochondral fragmentations size 0 to 3
Soft tissues swelling 0 to 3
Supracondylar bone resorption 0 to 3
Proximal sagittal crest osteolysis 0 to 3
  1. aall parameters were scored 0 (normal) to 3 (pathologic) and summed up together