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Table 1 Estimation of the age of bruises localized on the back or upper side of slaughter pigs

From: Gross and histopathological evaluation of human inflicted bruises in Danish slaughter pigs

Cell type and tissue Score Bruise age
Neutrophils, subcutis 1 1 to 3 h
Neutrophils, subcutis 2 1 to 8 h
Neutrophils, subcutis 3 4 to 10 h
Macrophages, muscle 1 2 to 9 h
Macrophages, muscle 2 2 to 10 h
Macrophages, muscle 3 4 to 10 h
  1. The age of bruises was based on the degree of infiltration by neutrophils and macrophages (cell type) in the subcutis and the muscle tissue, respectively [4]. The age of a bruise was stated by combining the age intervals given by the neutrophil score and the macrophage score