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Table 1 Farms and flocks included in the study

From: High genetic diversity among extraintestinal Escherichia coli isolates in pullets and layers revealed by a longitudinal study

Rearing farm Layer farm/flock
Farm identificationa Location Farm Flock identificationb Location Housing systemc Flock sized
RI Lower Austria 1 L1/I Styria FR 7500
L2/I Styria FR 3800
L3/I Styria DL 3440
RII Salzburg 2 L1/II Carinthia ORG 3000
3 L2/II Lower Austria ORG 3000
RIII Styria 4 L1/III Burgenland ORG 6000
L2/III Burgenland ORG 6000
L3/III Burgenland ORG 6000
RIV Upper Austria 5 L1/IV Lower Austria DL 5980
L2/IV Lower Austria DL 10890
L3/IV Lower Austria DL 9030
RV Styria 6 L1/V Styria DL 17738
7 L2/V Styria DL 14950
RVI Burgenland 8 L1/VI Styria DL 2950
L2/VI Styria FR 7300
  1. asix rearing farms are indicated as RI - RVI (all birds were kept in deep litter system)
  2. blayer flocks are designated with letter “L” along with flock number/corresponding rearing farm number
  3. chousing system: FR – conventional free range, ORG – organic free range, DL – deep litter
  4. dnumber of birds in each layer flock