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Table 2 Summary of immunohistochemical analysis of various tissues from genus Globicephala

From: Pulmonary carcinoma with metastasis in a long-finned pilot whale (Globicephala melas)

Tissue Specie Cytokeratin profile
Epidermis G.macr CK5+, CK7-, CK8-, CK18-, CK20-
Bronchial/bronchiolar epithelium G.m and G.macr CK 7-, CK8-, CK18-, CK20+
Gastric epithelium G.macr CK20-
Duodenal epithelium G.macr CK20+
Arterioles (smooth muscle) G.macr Vimentin+
Pulmonary neoplasia G.m CK5+, CK7-, CK8-, CK18-, CK20+, Vimentin+
  1. CK cytokeratin, G.m Globicephala melas, G.macr Globicephala macrorhynchus