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Table 3 Concordance levels among all parameters (p) used to compare subjective scale and force platform analysis of lameness scores in dogs

From: Effect of intraarticular inoculation of mesenchymal stem cells in dogs with hip osteoarthritis by means of objective force platform gait analysis: concordance with numeric subjective scoring scales

p1 p2 Concordance P value
PVF VI 0.996 <0.0001
PVF BioArth -0.504 =0.9997
PVF VAS -0.350 =0.9972
VI BioArth -0.502 =0.9641
VI VAS -0.354 =0.9975
BioArth VAS 0.867 <0.0001
  1. PVF peak vertical force, VI vertical impulse. P ≥ 0.05, concordance can be considered = 0. P < 0.05, positive concordance