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Table 1 Signalement, clinical history, diagnostic data and treatment of 20 horses with SDFT lesions

From: Effect of intralesional platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment on clinical and ultrasonographic parameters in equine naturally occurring superficial digital flexor tendinopathies – a randomized prospective controlled clinical trial

Horse number Breed Age (y) Gender Purpose used for Reported duration of SDFT tendinopathy until initial exam (w) Reported initiating event Limb affected Maximal injury zone (MIZ) Lesion type
  1 Hannoverian 4 G Dressage 2 Unknown LF 2a, lat Marginal
  2 Hannoverian 8 M Dressage 1 Training LF 3a, palm Marginal
  3 Haflinger 21 G Trained horse 2 Pasture turnout LF 2b Diffuse
  4 Trakehner 5 S Dressage 4 Pasture turnout RF 3b, med Marginal
  5 Oldenburger 16 G Police horse 2 Ride RF 2b Diffuse
  6 Rhenish Warmblood 13 M Dressage 2 Unknown RF 3a Core
  7 Hannoverian 6 M Dressage 2 Running free LF 2b, palm Marginal
  8 New Forest Pony 13 G Pleasure 3 Pasture turnout LF 2b Diffuse
  9 Hannoverian 11 G Eventing 8 Training RF 3a Core
  10 Pinto 20 G Pleasure 7 Unknown LF 2b, lat Marginal
Control group
  1 Oldenburger 9 M Jumping 4 Jumping LF 3a, lat Marginal
  2 Hannoverian 5 G Dressage 6 Unknown LF 3a, med Marginal
  3 Andalusian 18 M Pleasure 3 Pasture turnout LF 2b Diffuse
  4 Hannoverian 15 M Dressage, jumping 2 Training LF 2b, med Marginal
  5 German Riding Pony 9 M Jumping 1 Jumping LF 3a, lat Marginal
  6 Hannoverian 12 G Police horse 2 Running free RF 1b, lat Marginal
  7 Hannoverian 20 M Pleasure 2 Unknown RF 2a diffuse
  8 Rhenish Warmblood 7 G Eventing 2 Training LF 3a Core
  9 Hannoverian 10 G Eventing 6 Jumping LF 2b, lat Marginal
  10 Hannoverian 6 G Pleasure 4 Unknown RF 3a Diffuse
  1. SDFT superficial digital fexor tendon, w week(s), y years, S stallion, M mare, G gelding, LF left front, RF right front, PRP-group SDFT treated with intralesional injection of platelet-rich plasma, Control group SDFT treated with intralesional saline injection, lat lateral, med medial, palm palmar, mean