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Table 4 Results of the calculations of the acceptability of the surveillance system of CSF by hunters

From: Hunters’ acceptability of the surveillance system and alternative surveillance strategies for classical swine fever in wild boar - a participatory approach

  Acceptability of the operation of the system Trust in the system Acceptability of the objective of the system
  satisfaction with their own role (RP 0.6)
(MV 0.3)
(Mean 0.45)
satisfaction with the relationships (RP 0)
(MV 0.7)
(Mean 0.35)
consequences in a suspicious case
RP   −0.1   0.8 −0.6
MV   0   0.7 0
All hunters   −0.1   0.8 −0.4
  1. Abbreviations: RP indicates Rhineland-Palatinate, MV indicates Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania