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Table 5 Surgical Site Manipulation scoring system. At each relevant assessment time point, the joint was gently palpated around the surgical incision, and then the joint was put through a passive range of motion, flexing and extending the joint

From: Pilot, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical field study to evaluate the effectiveness of bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension for the provision of post-surgical analgesia in dogs undergoing stifle surgery

Manipulate the joint through a normal range of motion, and score the patient as per below:
Score Response
0 Does not notice manipulation.
1 Orients to site on manipulation, does not resist.
2 Orients to site, may lick, slight objection to manipulation
3 Withdraws from manipulation, may vocalize, excessive licking
4 Tries to escape from manipulation, or prevent manipulation, may bite or show aggression.