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Fig. 4

From: New insight into dolphin morbillivirus phylogeny and epidemiology in the northeast Atlantic: opportunistic study in cetaceans stranded along the Portuguese and Galician coasts

Fig. 4

Phylogenetic tree for the concatenated amino acid sequences. Phylogenetic tree generated with the concatenated amino acid sequences alignment, inferred by Bayesian methods. Sequences for the outgroup taxa were retrieved from NCBI for Pilot Whale Morbillivirus (PWMV [accession numbers FJ842380 and FJ842382]); Phocine Distemper Virus (PDV [accession number KC802221]); Canine Distemper Virus (CDV [accession number AY649446]) and Measles Virus (MV [accession number NC001498]). Three DMV sequences were also retrieved from NCBI: one isolate from a pilot whale [HQ829972] and one from a striped dolphin [HQ829973], both from 2007; one isolate from 1990, also from a striped dolphin [AJ608288]. Sequences obtained for animals Sc/257/2011 (KP835983; KP835984; KP835985; KP835986), Dd/191/2013 (KP836003; KP836004; KP836005; KP836006), Sc/53/2012 (KP835991; KP835992; KP835993; KP835994), Dd/302/2012 (KP835999; KP836000; KP836001; KP836002) and Sc/55/2012 (KP835987; KP835988; KP835989; KP835990), Sc/15/2007 (KP835995; KP835996; KP835997; KP835998) were also included in this tree

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