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Fig. 2

From: New insight into dolphin morbillivirus phylogeny and epidemiology in the northeast Atlantic: opportunistic study in cetaceans stranded along the Portuguese and Galician coasts

Fig. 2

Schematic representation of the primers used to amplifiy different genomic regions by conventional RT-PCR. Schematic representation of the DMV genome and location of the primers used in the conventional RT-PCR reactions, targeting: the N gene (NgeneF and NgeneR) to amplify a fragment of 229 basepairs (bps); the P gene (DMV-C and DMV-P2) for a fragment of 428 bps; the F gene (DMVFu-F and DMVFu-R) (191 bps) and for a fragment of 232 bps from the H gene (CeMVHe1 and CeMVHe2)

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