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Table 2 Studies determining the TAC using the various TEAC methods in serum samples of dogs

From: Spectrophotometric assays for total antioxidant capacity (TAC) in dog serum: an update

Disease/effect studied Method Comparison with healthy animals Reference
Established range in healthy beagle Kit - Miller et al. [8] - [33]
Babesia vogeli Kit - Miller et al. [8] No difference [43]
Atopic dermatitis Kit - Miller et al. [8] No difference [44]
Heart diseases Miller et al. [8] No difference [23]
Parvoviral enteritis Erel [9] Increased [45]
Demodicosis Erel [9] Increased [46]
Visceral leishmaniosis Erel [9] Decreased [47]
After surgery Erel [9] Decreased [48]
After anaesthetized with isoflurane Erel [9] Decreased [49]
Sarcoptic mange Erel [9] No difference [50]
After vaccination against canine monocytic erlichiosis Erel [9] Decreased [51]
  1. TAC total antioxidant capacity; TEAC, Trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity