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Table 1 Primary and secondary antibodies and antigen retrieval procedures used in IHC analysis of this study

From: Identification of the two KIT isoforms and their expression status in canine hemangiosarcomas

      Time for incubation
Antibody pAb/mAb (clone) Host Source Antigen retrieval (buffer, microwave, interval) Primary Ab Secondary Ab DAB+ Chromagen
von Willebrand factor pAb Rabbit anti human Dako Citrate buffer (0.01 M pH 6.0),700 W-10 min and 300W-10 min 1:200, 30 min 10 min 1 min
vimentin mAb (V9) Mouse anti human Dako TE buffer (pH 9.0), 700 W-10 min and 400W-10 min 1:150, 1 h 10 min 10 min
KIT pAb Rabbit anti human Dako TE buffer (pH 9.0),700 W-10 min and 400W-10 min 1:400, 30 min 10 min 2 min
  1. pAb polyclonal antibody, mAb monoclonal antibody, TE buffer Tris-EDTA buffer solution