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Table 5 Inputs and formulas used in the probabilistic exposure assessment

From: Lead intoxication in dogs: risk assessment of feeding dogs trimmings of lead-shot game

Variable Symbol Unit Value/Formula/Distribution Source
Bullet type (General scenario) i   = Discrete (Bullet (1,…14); n (1,…14)) Relates to Table 3
Bullet type (Worst scenario) i   1 Relates to Table 3
Bullet type (Best scenario) i   14 Relates to Table 3
Total lead in moose Q mg = Normal (Mean, SD, bounds(Min, Max)) for Bullet type Relates to Table 3
Relative bioavailability (vs. lead acetate) k   = Uniform (10 %;80 %) Authors, based on [14]
Exposure dose (lead acetate equivalent) Da mg = k x Q  
Dog body weight bw kg = Uniform(15;25) Norsk Elghund (Wikipedia)
Exposure / kg Da/kg mg/kg = Da / bw