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Table 1 Design of the experiment

From: Evaluation on antithrombotic effect of aspirin eugenol ester from the view of platelet aggregation, hemorheology, TXB2/6-keto-PGF and blood biochemistry in rat model

Groups Drug Dosage (mg/kg) Molar quantity (mmol)
CMC-Na CMC-Na 30
Aspirin aspirin 20 0.11
Eugenol eugenol 18 0.11
AEE L AEE 18 0.06
AEE M AEE 36 0.11
AEE H AEE 72 0.22
Combination aspirin + eugenol 20 + 18 0.11
  1. Ninety rats were divided into 9 groups (n = 10). CMC-Na was used as the vehicle. The volumes of CMC-Na and drug suspension were nearly equal. The molar quantity of medium-dose AEE, aspirin and eugenol are same at 0.11 mmol. An equimolar combination of aspirin and eugenol was used in the study. Rats in the model, CMC-Na, aspirin, eugenol, AEE and combination groups were intraperitoneally injected with 20 mg/kg k-carrageenan to induce thrombosis