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Table 2 Coefficients of antigenic similarity (R) between NDV isolates and LaSota strain

From: Characterization of virulent Newcastle disease viruses from vaccinated chicken flocks in Eastern China

Strains R valuec 345–353 Residues of HN
SD-01-11-Ch 0.04a 0.12b PDKQDYQIR
JS-07-11-Ch 0.12a 0.12b PDKQDYQIR
JS-14-12-Ch 0.06a 0.12b PDKQDYQIR
HeN-01-12-Ch 0.12a 0.12b PDKQDYQIR
JS-27-13-Ch 0.17a 0.25b PDKQDYQIR
JS-08-11-Ch 0.35a 0.35b PDGQDYQIR
JS-15-11-Ch 0.35a 0.5b PDEQDYQIR
JS-05-12-Ch 0.35a 0.35b PDEQDYQIR
JS-18-12-Ch 0.25a 0.35b PDEQDYQIR
JS-22-12-Ch 0.35a 0.35b PDEQDYQIR
  1. aChicken embryo cross-neutralization test
  2. bCross-hemagglutination inhibition test
  3. c0.67 ≤ R ≤ 1.5, indicates no significant antigenic difference between the two viruses
  4. 0.5 ≤ R ≤ 0.67 indicates a minor difference between the two viruses
  5. R < 0.5 indicates a major difference between the two virus strains