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Table 1 Identification of Eimeria species and OTU genotypes recovered from commercial poultry farms in Zaria

From: Three operational taxonomic units of Eimeria are common in Nigerian chickens and may undermine effective molecular diagnosis of coccidiosis

  1. Eimeria occurrence was determined by oocyst morphology before and after in vivo propagation, and species/genotype-specific PCR after propagation. Highlighted boxes indicate samples found to contain large oocysts by microscopy after passage and OTUx and y genotypes, but not E. brunetti or E. maxima by PCR. Ea = E. acervulina, Eb = E. brunetti, Ema = E. maxima, Emi = E. mitis, Ene = E. necatrix, Ep = E. praecox, Et – E. tenella. Morphological identification: AM = small oocysts (Ea, Em), NTP = medium oocysts (En, Et, Ep), BM = large oocysts (Eb, Ema). L = layer breed chicken (ISA Brown), B = broiler breed chicken (Cobb). + = parasite detected, - = parasite not detected