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Table 1 Morbidity (parenteral injections) and mortality in the four groups under study for each replicate

From: Impact of maternally derived immunity on piglets’ immune response and protection against porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) after vaccination against PCV2 at different age

  A B C D
MORBIDITY* 1st 6.2a 5.4a 14.7b 18.9b
2nd 22.7a 20.7a 21.3a 22.4a
3rd 10.3a 0b 8.3a 18.2a
MORTALITY* 1st from weaning to 12 weeks of age 3.1a 1.6b 3.1a 3.6a
from 12 weeks to slaughter 3.9a 1.6b 4.7a 3.1a
2nd from weaning to 12 weeks of age 5.3a 4.0a 2.7b 4.3a
from 12 weeks to slaughter 2.7a 2.7a 4.0b 5.4b
3rd from weaning to 12 weeks of age 5.7a 1.9b 2.0b 3.8a
from 12 weeks to slaughter 14.0a 7.7b 18.0a 20.0a
  1. Legend: * proportion of pigs; Different superscript letters indicate statistically significant differences (p < 0.05)
  2. Group A: pigs vaccinated at 4 weeks; group B: pigs vaccinated at 6 weeks; group C: pigs vaccinated at 8 weeks; group D: non-vaccinated placebo/controls