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Table 9 Schematic overview of the histological grading system used in this study

From: A longitudinal study on the performance of in vivo methods to determine the osteochondrotic status of young pigs

Grade Classification Signs
0 Normal Vessels with erythrocytes, No necrotic areas, No irregularities on ossification front, Normal thickness of cartilage
1 Normal-Mod Vessels with erythrocytes, Few to no very small necrotic areas, Some irregularities on ossification front, Some mild focal thickening of cartilage
2 Moderate Vessels with/without erythrocytes, Some mild necrotic areas (not large), Mild irregularities on ossification front, Moderate focal thickening of cartilage
3 Mod-Severe Vessels mostly without erythrocytes, Some large necrotic areas, Distinct irregularities on ossification front, areas of thickened cartilage
4 Severe Vessels without or with extremely few erythrocytes, very large necrotic areas, Very severe irregularities of ossification front, Severe thickening of cartilage areas