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Table 1 Blood donor information

From: Classical scrapie prions are associated with peripheral blood monocytes and T-lymphocytes from naturally infected sheep

Donor ID PRNP Scrapie statusa Age blood collected (in months) Age first scrapie clinical signs (in months) Age at necropsy (in months) Postmortem PrPSc detection by IHC
Lymphoid tissuesb Brains
4438 VRQ/VRQ Preclinical 18 24 25 (+) (+)
4454 VRQ/VRQ Preclinical 18 25 25 (+) (+)
  1. Abbreviations: PRNP prion genotype, IHC Immunohistochemistry, (+), Positive for PrPSc immunolabeling; aPreclinical scrapie status of the animals were identified by the detection of PrPSc immunolabeling in the rectal tissues using a mixture of prion mAbs F99/97.6.1 and F89/160.1.5 by immunohistochemistry; bLymphoid tissues included alimentary tract-associated lymphoid tissues (tonsils, retropharyngeal, mesenteric such as ruminal, abomasal, duodenal, jejunal, ileocecal, distal ileum, ileocecal junction lymph nodes, ileum, and spleens) and peripheral lymph nodes (prescapular, prefemoral, and popliteal)