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Table 6 Sequence variants detected in two candidate genes from Duroc boars suffering from polydipsia and polyuria

From: Diagnosis of diabetes insipidus observed in Swiss Duroc boars

Gene Chr Position dbSNP NCBI_ss# Genotypes cases Genotypes controls
ref/ref ref/var var/var ref/ref ref/var var/var
AVP 17 36952357A > G 1966414018    2    1
36952471 T > C 1966414019   3 2   1 1
36952785 T > C 1966414020   3 2   1 1
AVPR2 X 142204712A > C 1966414021 1   4    2
142205642C > T 1966414022 1   4 9   11
  1. The positions of the variants are given based on the current assembly (SGSC Sscrofa10.2/susScr3). All the variants are single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) whereas the first letter represents the reference nucleotide and the second letter represents the variant (e.g. A > G means a nucleotide exchange from an adenine to a guanine). The SNPs were submitted to dbSNP ( and the submitted SNP (ss) number is reported and will be publicly available with the dbSNP Build 147 release. The genotypes of the cases are displayed separately from the genotypes of the control animals, whereas the number of animals carrying a specific genotype is given. Ref/ref means homozygous for the reference allele, ref/var heterozygous and var/var homozygous for the variant/SNP