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Table 1 Breeds of dog used for generating the different sets of photographs used in the study

From: Can you estimate body composition in dogs from photographs?

Experienced Observer Set Multiple Observer Set
Standardised Non-standardised Standardised Non-standardised
Pre-weight loss Post-weight loss Pre-weight loss Post-weight loss Pre-weight loss Post-weight loss Pre-weight loss Post-weight loss
Akita Border collie Basset hound Cairn terrier Bichon frise CKCS 3 Basset hound CKCS 2
Basset hound Cairn terrier Border collie CKCS 2 Bulldog 3 Corgi Border collie Cocker spaniel
BMD CKCS 5 Bulldog Cocker spaniel Chihuahua Crossbred 3 Bulldog Crossbred 2
Bichon frise Corgi Bull terrier Crossbred CKCS Doberman Bull terrier Doberman 2
Border collie 2 Crossbred 4 CKCS 5 Doberman 2 Crossbred 4 EBT CKCS 2 Irish setter
Bulldog 3 Doberman Crossbred 3 Irish setter Dachshund GR Crossbred 2 JRT
Cairn terrier 3 EBT Dachshund 2 JRT Doberman Irish setter Dachshund 2 Labrador retriever 5
Chihuahua GR 2 GR Labrador retriever 6 EBT JRT Labrador retriever 8 Shipperke
CKCS 8 GSD Labrador retriever Shipperke FCR Labrador retriever 2 Lhasa apso YT
Crossbred 13 Irish setter 10 YT GSD   Poodle
Dachshund 3 JRT Lhasa apso   JRT Pug 2
Dalmatian Labrador retriever 6 Poodle Labrador retriever 5 Weimaraner
Doberman 3 Pug 3 Pug 2 Lhasa apso YT 2
EBT Shipperke Weimaraner Pug 2
FCR YT YT 4 Shih tzu
GR 5 YT 8
Irish setter
Labrador retriever 20
Lancashire heeler
Lhasa apso
Pug 4
Shih tzu 2
YT 8
  1. BMD Bernese Mountain dog, CKCS cavalier King Charles spaniel, EBT English bull terrier, FCR flat-coat retriever, F female, GR golden retriever, GSD German Shepherd dog, JRT Jack Russell terrier