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Table 1 SAT 1 VP1 coding sequences included in this study

From: Unrecognized circulation of SAT 1 foot-and-mouth disease virus in cattle herds around Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda

Species Isolate Identity GeneBank accession no. Year of sampling Country Topotype
Cattle UGA/116/13** KP025678 2013 Uganda IV (EA-1)
Cattle UGA/161/13** KP025679 2013 Uganda IV (EA-1)
Buffalo UGA/10/70 KF219681 1970 Uganda IV (EA-1)
Buffalo UGA/21/70 KF219682 1970 Uganda IV (EA-1)
Buffalo UGA/1/97 AY442012 1997 Uganda VIII (EA-3)
Unknown UGA/7/99 AY442011 1999 Uganda IV (EA-1)
Buffalo UGA/1/07 HM067706 2007 Uganda IV (EA-1)
Cattle UGA/13/74 AY442010 1974 Uganda VII (EA-2)
Cattle ETH/19/07 FJ98156 2007 Ethiopia IX
Cattle ETH/21/07 FJ798157 2007 Ethiopia IX
Cattle KEN/11/91 AY441994 1991 Kenya I (NWZ)
Cattle KEN/9/91 AY441995 1998 Kenya I (NWZ)
Cattle KEN/28/06 HQ267529 2006 Kenya III (WZ)
Cattle KEN/66/80 HQ267520 1980 Kenya I (NWZ)
Cattle TAN/2/77 AY442008 1977 Tanzania I (NWZ)
Cattle TAN/155/71 (Vaccine) HQ267519 1971 Tanzania I (NWZ)
Cattle TAN/19/96 AY442005 1996 Tanzania I (NWZ)
Cattle TAN/60/99 AY442002 1999 Tanzania III (WZ)
Cattle NIG/2/79 AF431728 1979 Nigeria VI
Cattle KNP/196/91 DQ009716 1991 South Africa II (SEZ)
  1. **: sequences obtained as part of this study