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Table 1 Overview of signalment, history and radiological diagnosis in 12 dogs with lumbosacral degenerative stenosis (DLSS) and/or discospondylitis that were treated with pedicle screw-rod fixation

From: Pedicle screw-rod fixation: a feasible treatment for dogs with severe degenerative lumbosacral stenosis

Dog Breed Sex Age (yrs) History Radiological diagnosis
1 Labrador retriever FC 5 LS pain, paraparesis DLSS & DS
2 Rottweiler M 8 LS pain DLSS & DS
3 GSD FC 8 LS pain, paraparesis DLSS & DS
4 GSD MC 11 LS pain, paraparesis; DL 6 yrs earlier DLSS & DS
5 Rhodesian Ridgeback F 10 LS pain, left paraparesis, urinary incontinence; DL 6 months earlier DLSS & DS
6 GSD M 12 LS pain, paraparesis DLSS & DS
7 Cane Corso MC 7 LS pain DLSS
8 American Bulldog M 5 LS pain DLSS & DS
9 Border Collie MC 9 LS pain DLSS & DS
10 Rhodesian Ridgeback FC 7 LS pain, paraparesis; DL 4 yrs earlier DLSS
11 Vizsla MC 12 LS pain DLSS
12 American Staffordshire Bull Terrier F 5 LS pain, left paraparesis; DL 3 yrs earlier DLSS
  1. Abbreviations: LS lumbosacral, GSD German Shepherd dog, F female, FC female castrated, M male, MC male castrated, DS discospondylitis, DL dorsal laminectomy, yrs years