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Table 2 Classification of severity (score) of neurological findings in calves with otitis

From: Clinical-pathological findings of otitis media and media-interna in calves and (clinical) evaluation of a standardized therapeutic protocol

Score Neurological findings
  Mental Status
0 Normal
1 Depressed
2 Stuporous
0 Normal
1 Head tilt
2 Recumbent - unable to stand
0 Normal
1 Vestibular ataxia
2 Hemiparesis/Hemiplegia
3 Tetraparesis/Tetraplegia
  Proprioceptive Testing
0 Normal
1 Ipsilateral Decreased proprioceptive positioning reaction
2 Bilateral Decreased proprioceptive positioning reaction
  Cranial Nerve Assessment
0 No cranial nerve deficits
1a Anisocoria
1a Positional strabismus (III, IV, VI, VIII)
1a Patological nystagmus (III, IV, VI, VIII)
1a Abnormal facial sensation perception (V)
1a Abnormal chewing and muscle tone (V)
1a Ear droop, eyelid droop, upper lip droop
  Absence of palpebral reflex and menace response (VII)
1a Abnormal swallowing (IX, X)
1a Abnormal tongue size and asymmetry (XII)
  1. aone point for each side (right/left)