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Table 2 PK/PD analysis of marbofloxacin with the parameter of AUC24h/MIC and AUC24h/MPC against H. parasuis

From: In vitro Dynamic Pharmacokinetic/Pharamcodynamic (PK/PD) study and COPD of Marbofloxacin against Haemophilus parasuis

Parameter (units) Value
Log Emax (cfu/mL) 6.8
Log E0 (cfu/mL) 1.2
AUC24h/MIC EC50 76
AUC24h/MIC (bacteristasis) 47
AUC24h/MIC (bactericidal) 88
AUC24h/MIC (bacteria elimination) 110
AUC24h/MPC (bactericidal) 33
AUC24h/MPC (bacteria elimination) 42
Slope (N) 3.2
  1. Note: E 0 is the change in log10 cfu/mL after 24 h incubation in the control sample compared with the initial inoculum. Emax is the difference in effect between the greatest amount of growth (as seen for the growth control, E0) and the greatest amount of kill. EC50 is the AUC24h/MIC value producing a 50 % reduction in bacterial counts from the initial inoculum, and N is the Hill coefficient that describes the steepness of the dose–response curve