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Table 5 Effect of breed, class of somatic cell counts and farm on cortisol concentration in milk of dairy cows in study 2. Data are reported as estimated means of natural logarithm of cortisol (pg/ml)

From: Factors affecting milk cortisol in mid lactating dairy cows

  Mean Se
IH 6.43 0.07A
IS 5.94 0.06B
#1 6.15 0.02a
#2 6.14 0.05a
#3 6.27 0.04b
F1 6.02 0.05AB
F4 6.10 0.05B
F5 6.19 0.06BC
F10 6.05 0.07AB
F2 6.04 0.05AB
F3 6.33 0.06C
F6 5.85 0.08A
F7 6.37 0.04C
F8 6.36 0.05C
F9 6.01 0.06AB
DIM 0.001 0.001Ns
Milk yield 0.001 0.003Ns
General mean 6.19 0.03
  1. Covariates appearing in the model are evaluated at the following values for Milk cortisol of Model 1: DIM = 159.57, Milk, kg/d = 31.30; F1 to F10 farm 1 to farm10, se standard error, DIM days in milking
  2. a, b on the same column denote significant differences for P < 0.05; A, B, C on the same column denote significant differences for P < 0.01; Ns: not significant