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Table 3 Mean values of body condition score (BCS), days in milking (DIM), milk yield, milk fat and protein percentages and somatic cell counts (SCC) of the lactating cows of the study 1 and study 2

From: Factors affecting milk cortisol in mid lactating dairy cows

Farm Breed N. Obs BCS score DIM days Milk yield kg/day Fat % Protein % SCC ln
Trial 1   134 2.89 142.3 33.6 3.80 3.26  
FA IS 26 3.29A 126.7Ns 31.0B 3.57Ns 3.41A 3.54Ns
FB IS 33 2.89B 141.4Ns 31.7B 4.03Ns 3.48A 4.84Ns
FC IH 36 2.91B 151.0Ns 31.9B 3.90Ns 3.00C 4.89Ns
FD IH 38 2.61C 145.8Ns 38.5A 3.68Ns 3.24B 4.94Ns
MSE    0.101 1022.220 36.996 0.543 0.061 2.132
F1 IH 180 2.40D 178.8A 42.9A 3.25D 3.11E 4.96B
F4 IH 128 2.37DE 177.1A 27.6D 3.63BC 3.09E 4.37C
F5 IH 75 2.23E 110.6E 33.7C 3.49C 3.13E 4.87BC
F10 IH 110 2.40D 178.6A 36.9B 4.14A 3.39DC 4.73BC
F2 IS 88 2.82B 166.3AB 27.8D 3.48C 3.53B 4.68BC
F3 IS 93 2.95B 167.5AB 26.2DE 3.94AB 3.31D 5.11AB
F6 IS 92 2.87B 131.8DE 25.4E 3.95A 3.46BC 3.78D
F7 IS 125 3.01B 160.1AB 26.9DE 3.74AB 3.68A 5.47A
F8 IS 61 2.58C 140.6CD 24.3E 3.89AB 3.37DC 4.40C
F9 IS 74 3.44A 150.8BCD 30.7CD 3.58BC 3.53B 3.72D
MSE    0.182 4049.791 61.182 0.419 0.087 1.898
  1. IH Italian Holstein, IS Italian Simmental, FA to FD farm A to farm D, F1 to F10 farm 1 to farm10
  2. MSE Mean Square Error, DIM days in milking. For trial 1 A, B, C on the same column denote significant differences for P < 0.01; For trial 1 A, B, C, D, E on the same column denote significant differences for P < 0.01; Ns not significant