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Fig. 4

From: BoHV-4 immediate early 1 gene is a dispensable gene and its product is not a bone marrow stromal cell antigen 2 counteracting factor

Fig. 4

BoHV-4IE1 is not a tethering counteracting factor. a Schematic diagram (not on scale) of the bicistronic construct pCMV-boBST-2-IRES-neo containing the CMV promoter (violet), the flag tagged boBST-2 (green) ORF, an internal ribosomal entry site (IRES; grey), the neo ORF (orange) and a polyadenilation signal (pA; grey). b Western immunoblotting of BEK cells stably transfected with pCMV-boBST-2-IRES-neo (BEK-boBST-2 ) and selected with G418. The lanes were loaded with different amounts of total protein cell extract (5, 10 and 20 μg). Negative control was established with empty vector transfected cells (Mock). c Replication kinetics of BoHV-4ΔIE1 (red line) and BoHV-4 (blue line) on BEK-boBST-2 cells. d Replication kinetics of BoHV-4ΔIE1 made on BEK cells (blue line) and compared to that made on BEK-boBST-2 cells (red line)

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