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Fig. 2

From: Update on epidemiology of canine babesiosis in Southern France

Fig. 2

PCR-RFLP profiles of 18S rRNA gene fragments from selected piroplasm species. This method was used to discriminate between Babesia/Theileria species from ticks or blood samples known to contain piroplasms following nested PCR targeting the 18S rRNA gene. Lanes 2 to 8 and lanes 10 to 16 show PCR-RFLP products for seven piroplasm species known or supposed to infect dogs in France and in Europe digested with endonucleases TaqI or HinfI, respectively. Lanes 1, 9 and 17 show 100-bp molecular weight markers. Product sizes expected for each piroplasm species after digestion with TaqI or HinfI enzymes are given in the table

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