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Table 5 Recommended IDT concentrations for most allergen suppliers

From: Canine atopic dermatitis: detailed guidelines for diagnosis and allergen identification

Allergen Recommended allergen dilution for IDT [49] Revised recommended allergena dilution for IDT [51, 52, 60]
Histamine 1: 100,000 w/v 1:10,000 w/v
Pollens and moulds 1,000 PNU/mL 1000 to 8000 PNU/mL
Individual DM 250 PNU/mL or 1:50,000 w/v 100–200 PNU/mL (D. pteronyssinus)
75 PNU/mL (D. farina, Tyrophagus putrescentiae, and Lepidoglyphus destructor)
50 PNU/mL (Acarus siro and Blomia tropicalis)
Epidermal extracts 250–500 PNU/mL At least 1,250 PNU/mL
300 PNU/mL (human dander)
Insects 1,000 PNU/mL At least 1,750 PNU/mL
Whole flea extract 1:1,000 w/v 1:500 w/v
  1. PNU Protein Nitrogen Units, w/v weight to volume, DM dust mites, D Dermatophagoides, Epidermal extracts: hair, wool, feathers, and dander
  2. aAllergens from Greer Laboratories Inc., Lenoir, NC, USA