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Table 3 Prevalence input parameters

From: Risk assessment as a tool for improving external biosecurity at farm level

  BRSV BCoV SD M. hyo
Herd prevalence (%) 0.5-20-50 ina 0.5-30-50 in 0-4b 50-98
0.5-2-50 out 0.5-3-50 out 0-0.5 (gilt) 40-70 (gilt)
(Beta Pert) (Beta pert) (uniform) (uniform)
Within-herd prevalence 1/nc-1 1/n-1 1/n-0.5 1/n-0.4
(uniform) (uniform) (uniform) (uniform)
  1. Estimates used for the prevalence of bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV) and bovine coronavirus (BCoV) in cattle herds, and swine dysentery (SD) and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M. hyo) in pig herds. Percentage figures given represent minimum-most likely-maximum values or minimum-maximum values. Probability distributions shown in brackets
  2. a in = indoor season, out = pasture season
  3. b Different herd prevalences are given for ordinary herds and gilt-producing herds, as the latter have a lower prevalence (free from dysentery, but might be infected during transport)
  4. c n = number of animals in an average source herd for each specific animal type (gilt producers 765 animals, grower producers 3000, dairy heifer producers and bull calves 500, beef heifers 900)