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Table 5 Reasons why it may be appropriate to perform volumetric studies on hippocampus or other potentially epileptogenic areas

From: International Veterinary Epilepsy Task Force recommendations for a veterinary epilepsy-specific MRI protocol

Rationale for volumetric analysis  
 ➢ To establish normative date  
    Breed and size variations  
    Within subject functional and anatomical asymmetry [75]  
 ➢ To provide a baseline  
    At initial diagnosis and for serial comparison, for example, if develops drug-resistant epilepsy  
 ➢ To identify patients with poor prognosis / less likely to respond to treatment  
    Volume compared to normative data  
    Within subject asymmetry in volume  
➢ Improving cohort selection for entry into clinical trials evaluating  
    Antiepileptic drugs  
    Neuro-protective agents that may modulate the consequences of epilepsy on cognition and behaviour [76]  
    Novel treatment modalities