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Table 3 Histological scores

From: Immune response of healthy horses to DNA constructs formulated with a cationic lipid transfection reagent

Score Epithelium Dermis
0 No abnormalities No leukocytes
1 One small ulcer / a few suspect areas with subepithelial infiltration of leukocytes A few leukocytes, usually perivascular
2 A few ulcers, but predominantly epithelium without alterations Some leukocytes, usually perivascular mononuclear cells
3 Some ulcers Many leukocytes, countable
4 Frequent ulcers, intact epithelium between ulcers Many leukocytes, uncountable due to overlapping or high-density masking cell edges
5 Many ulcers, no epithelium without alterations Many leukocytes, uncountable tissue structure masked
  1. Descriptions of histological scores for evaluations of epithelium and dermal layers (papillary and reticular) in skin samples stained with H&E