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Table 1 Summary of the questionnaire survey of mites of small ruminants in the study area

From: Mites of sheep and goats in Oromia Zone of Amhara Region, North Eastern Ethiopia: species, prevalence and farmers awareness

Focal points Percentage of response (%) (n = 90)
Age groups of animals affected  
Adults 24.4
Young 54.4a
All age groups 21.1
Seasonality of mange  
Wet 4.5
Dry 81.1a
Equally 14.4
Effects of mange mites on  
Sale of live animals 92.2a
Sale of skin 77.8
Animal spp more affected by mites  
Sheep 3.3
Goats 70a
Equally 25.7
Ways of treatment  
Modern 95.5a
Traditional 4.5
Participation of farmers in the control practice  
against the disease launched by the government  
Yes 97.78a
No 2.22
  1. ashow significantly higher percentage