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Table 2 Name and description of variables included in uni-variable and multi-variable multi-level logistic regression models

From: Factors influencing mortality in a captive breeding population of Loggerhead Shrike, Eastern subspecies (Lanius ludovicianus ssp.) in Canada

Variable name Description
Bird ID Unique ID number for each bird in the population
Clutch ID Unique ID number for the clutch
Pair ID Unique ID number for the parent pair
Year Breeding year
Breeding Location Breeding site (Carden or Dyer’s Bay)
Cage Type Whether the cage had 2 or 3 sections
Female breeding age Age of female parent (years)
Male breeding age Age of male parent (years)
Female birth year Year the female parent was born
Male birth year Year the male parent was born
Female breeding outcome The breeding outcome of the female parent in the previous year (second clutch, first clutch, failed to breed, eggs hatched but no fledglings, or unpaired)
Clutch number First or second clutch
Number of fledglings Number of young that fledged from a unique brood
Survival Whether or not the individual fledgling survived to be released or retained in the captive population