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Table 4 Summary of the numerical rating scales (lower and upper descriptors only) used by the owner*

From: Robenacoxib versus meloxicam for the control of peri-operative pain and inflammation associated with orthopaedic surgery in cats: a randomised clinical trial

Variable Lower descriptor (0) Upper descriptor (3)
Level of activity compared with normala Normal Severely impaired/depressed
Animal behavioura Normal, alert, content Depressed
Appetitea Good (normal or improved) Not eating
Interactions with owner, other humans, other animals (sociability)a Good (normal or improved) None, unresponsive
Palatability of tabletsb Excellent, voluntary intake from owner’s hand or food/bowl Reluctance to accept all dosing procedures
  1. *Each variable was assessed on a 4-point scale (0 to 3) except palatability (0 to 4).
  2. aAssessments from Day 1 to VF (final visit). The sum of the 4 scores was used to derive a multi-dimensional rating assessment, the global owner score. The assessment form at VF was completed by the investigator and owner together.
  3. bAssessment each day from Day 1 to day preceding VF; on Day 1 by the dispenser, on all other days by the owner.