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Table 2 Dosing and monitoring schedule

From: Robenacoxib versus meloxicam for the control of peri-operative pain and inflammation associated with orthopaedic surgery in cats: a randomised clinical trial

  Day 0 Day 1 Day 2 to 9 Day 10
Time (T) Initial visit T0* T1a T1 + 3 hours (±0.5 hours) T1 + 8 hours (±1 hours) T1 + 22 hours (±2 hours) T2b T2 + 4 hours (±2 hours)   Final visit (±2 days)
Description V1    V2 V3 V4   V5   VF
Location Clinic Clinic Clinic Clinic Clinic Clinic Clinic Clinic Home Clinic
Activity   Administer s.c. injection Anaesthesia induction Extubation     First oral dose   Once-daily oral dosesc  
  1. s.c.: subcutaneous; V: visit; VF: final visit.
  2. *The s.c. first drug administration was close to the time of anaesthetic induction (T0).
  3. aTime of extubation if the cat was intubated during anaesthesia or return of palpebral reflex if not intubated (T1).
  4. bThe first tablet was administered by the dispenser approximately 24 hours after the s.c. administration (T2).
  5. cTablets were administered from Day 2 to the day preceding the VF by the owner. The total duration of oral dosing was 9 days (range, 7–11 days).