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Table 1 Clinical examination protocols

From: Natural Besnoitia besnoiti infections in cattle: chronology of disease progression

Examination of Daily exam protocol a Status exam protocol b,c
Body condition  
Cardiovascular system
Respiratory tract
Digestive tract
Musculosceletal system
Female reproductive system  
Palpable lymph nodesd  
Abdominal cavity by rectal exploration  
Scleral conjunctivae  
Mucous membrane of vestibulum vaginae  
  1. aUsed daily (except Mondays and Thursdays) for Besnoitia besnoiti negative Simmental cattle.
  2. bUsed Mondays and Thursdays for B. besnoiti negative Simmental cattle.
  3. cUsed daily for Simmentals after developing signs of clinical besnoitiosis until the end of the cohabitation experiment. Used daily for study animal 20, and for study animal 22 on trial days 51, 52, 56, 63, 70, and 80. Used on all animals examined during the five-month follow-up period.
  4. d Lymphonodi [lnn.] mandibulares, lnn. parotidei, lnn. retropharyngei mediales, lnn. cervicales superficiales, lnn. subiliaci, lnn. ileofemorales.